As a nonprofit organization, Queer Women in Business + Allies is a community of 1000+ queer womxn in business with a mission to empower and advance African queer womxn through access. We use the word ‘African’ to refer to entrepreneurs and professionals who are operating in or for the African continent. We envision a world where African queer women in business can easily find inclusive safe spaces to network, equitable access to sustainable business opportunities and supportive mentors to help fuel their dreams forward. We do this by creating experiences and opportunities for our community to connect, collaborate and ignite action towards building thriving businesses and careers. 


Kebone Moloko, Siyabonga Ntuli, Buyelwa Xundu

Our story began in 2016 when we, the co-founders, had a blurry vision to start “something” in the queer-womxn community that would bring people together and create a positive impact. The vision we had brewing inside of us finally started to take shape and became more crystalized when we realized that something had been missing in our individual journeys. We had never experienced being part of inclusive queer-women-centric business communities at home as we did abroad.


The more we started to engage with queer women in South Africa and across the rest of the African continent, we realized that our lack of these experiences wasn’t because there were no queer womxn in business like we grew up believing, but that there is lack of visibility and representation due to societal discrimination and what we call the ‘queer womxn data gap’. 

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